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Originally Posted by Kusanavi View Post
I absolutely loved this episode. I couldn't stop laughing most of the time. I missed the bloopers though.

Listening to you guys talk about the Star Wars and Ninja Gaiden trilogies on the NES and SNES brought back lots of memories. Games were so much more memorable and challenging back then. I miss the 8/16-bit eras.

Great podcast!
We didn't really have a known blooper to use. We DID have an interesting audio clip of Jae singing the Star Trek theme, but she wouldn't allow it to be distributed on the internet.

I laughed pretty hard on this one too, sometimes when you do these things, and then you wait about a week for the final cut to come out, and you forget what you said, so the jokes kind of come out of nowhere. When I snapped on Jae, I forgot when I did it, and I laughed so hard I started crying...
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