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Well since I was not in this one I will leave my comments.

leXX I am with you, I love Fringe so far, I'd be pretty sad to see it canceled. Best new show of this season.

I am commenting as I am listening and I lol'd at Groovy getting on Jae about Clone Wars And just like last cast leXX lost it It's so funny listening to you guys not having been there first, Groovy losing it on Ian for mentioning KotOR is great.

NOW THEN, Rhett I think we have some talking to do. >:| Mirror's Edge is great! I can partially agree about the loading screens, loading in the middle of a level is unacceptable, but the loading screens in between levels I didn't have a problem with. But the overall gameplay is awesome. I think Bill hit it spot on, the story was just meh (though I kind of liked it just because it was different to play a more personal story rather than an epic) but the parkour part was done perfectly especially for a first person perspective. Combat sucked ass, I will complain about that all day, but I just thought the main gameplay was extremely well done, and the environments were beautiful.

Also Niner, Mirror's Edge is not really open world, it's fairly linear, with only a couple different paths you can take at any given point. Which I think works better as you'd just get lost if it was completely open world. I played the game with the red markers turned on the first time which helped, after a while and on to my second playthrough I recognized the different things you can interact with enough to not need the red color.

Overall good show guys.

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