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Originally Posted by maverick187 View Post
Another good episode guys and gals, though I'm not remotely interested in Star Trek so I sort of zoned out for that part, . But leXX I happen to know why you suck at Street Fighter now... it's because you're playing it with that horrible excuse of a D-pad that the 360 controller has. But yea, good stuff, but where is my blooper time Niner!??

Edit: nvm apparently Groovy above me has informed us all that there were not that many bloopers, how disappointing
The thing is, all that laughing you are doing during the cast, is the fact that Ian left most of the "bloopers" IN the cast, where he normally chops that stuff out. Like every time leXX and Jae loose there ****, and laugh for like a half hour...

That is why there is no "blooper time" at the end of the cast. However, we will keep this in mind for the next cast. Also, we didn't use our normal jingle, because we didn't want to advertise that Darth Moeller was in it, when he was not there, and didn't want to pester Nedak to change the cast theme again, just to remove one name.

Remember, there WILL be a special bloopers only podcast coming in the near future, so stay tuned all!
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