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Okay! giant comment time. :3

- I do not appreciate the first thing being put in my head is Groovy in the borat swimsuit. Especially since the Groovy in my head is always painted as Darth Maul....

- Groovyyy, just get it on Steam. ><

- It is virtually impossible to beat Expert with the AI. it's good enough on the lower difficulty, but if you're playing Expert or Versus, you need experienced, human players (with microphones).
...On second though, even then it's virtually impossible. We grinded expert for a while, only after several weeks did we manage to get a single person on the boat (Pie™). It is though as nails and then some.

(Insert Star Trek here)

- Yeah, don't hate on the animed SW series, those were my childhood! XD

- Heh, remember before Episode III, when Amy Allen was like "well, my character [Aayla Secura] doesn't die, so the upcoming TV show might be about her...."
Then it came out, and we all saw her being blasted to pieces by Troopers.

- They can just use Harrison Ford as Han Solo again! He doesn't look like a pile of slightly confused leather at all!

- Robocop is next in line for a reboot. Rumor has it Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a dream) is behind it. Thoughts?

- I think Star Trek will still be like the old ones, but they need to cut the trailers like an action movie, to capture the generation that has grown up without Star Trek.

- Babylon 5?!

- I still need to watch Battlestar Gallactica. It's everywhere these days. <.<

- A game that affected me emotionally was The Longest Journey. I got so invested in the characters, and I got terribly sad when I finished it, and couldn't interact with them anymore. =(

- I haven't play Mass Effect either. Need to do that soon. >.>

- Goes Vagina to you too!

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