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Yoko Kanno <3 (Favourite Soundtracks/Composers)

Yoko Kanno is easily my favourite anime composer. I think she is just a genius, and I can't get enough of her music. Ever since I first heard the brilliant Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, I've been a HUGE fan.

Post your favourite Kanno songs, or playlists.


1. Velveteen
2. Torukia
3. Psychedelic Soul
4. Living Inside The Shell
5. I Can't Be Cool
6. Player
7. Lithium Flower
8. Stamina Rose
9. I Do
10. Cyber Bird
11. Rise
12. Run Rabbit Junk
13. Where Does This Oceon Go
14. Origa - Inner Universe
15. GET9
16. Some Other Time
17. Take A Little Hand
18. Dear John
19. Spotter
20. Tempest

Cowboy Bebop

1. Tank
2. Ask DNA
3. Cosmic Dare
4. The Egg and I
5. Pushing the Sky
6. Yo Pumpkin Head
7. What Planet Is This?
8. 7minutes
9. Gotta Knock a little Harder
10. Blue
11. Autumn In Ganymede
12. Call Me Call Me
13. Ave Maria
14. Mushroom Hunting
15. Chicken Bone
16. Wo Qui Non Coin
17. See You Space Cowboys

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