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Originally Posted by darth-me View Post
Wow! You are ... amazing! It's almost a shame, since skinning is one of the (modding) things I do best, yet your work makes mine look like ****.
Keep your chin up, and keep practicing. I can't count the number of hours I spend modding these games. I heard that a person needs at least 10000 hours of practice at anything to be truly good at it (like elite pianists, artists and athletes).

Originally Posted by darth-me View Post
On another note, I was wondering if you could maybe do a Mandalorian combat suit (I'm sure they need lighter armour sometimes). It's just a suggestion though.
and a very good suggestion it is. I'll add it to the list along with worn-out, piece-meal armour (as per Ulmont), and a mechanic's overalls (like the one I did for Nindo Bahr of RoR). If I get a couple more suggestions, I'll make a little update to my combat suit mod.

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