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Originally Posted by Hermie View Post
- I do not appreciate the first thing being put in my head is Groovy in the borat swimsuit. Especially since the Groovy in my head is always painted as Darth Maul....
Um yeah, sorry about that.

It is virtually impossible to beat Expert with the AI.
Yeah, it was just me and Niner, so we had 2 A.I. being pretty useless. Will definately have to try it with a full human group instead.

Heh, remember before Episode III, when Amy Allen was like "well, my character [Aayla Secura] doesn't die, so the upcoming TV show might be about her...."
Then it came out, and we all saw her being blasted to pieces by Troopers.
Oh God, please don't remind me! I've never quite gotten over that.

I still need to watch Battlestar Gallactica. It's everywhere these days. <.<
Do it, NOW.

A game that affected me emotionally was The Longest Journey. I got so invested in the characters, and I got terribly sad when I finished it, and couldn't interact with them anymore. =(
Yes, I loved that game, and it's sequel Dreamfall. They definately suck you in emotionally.

I haven't play Mass Effect either. Need to do that soon. >.>
Do it, NOW.

Goes Vagina to you too!
It's Ghost Vagina lol. ^^

Being human totally sucks most of the time.
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