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Rather than just sit here and go back and forth, tell me one time when having one party in control of the government did the country good.

Clinton doesn't count. Dems didn't control Congress and Presidency.

As for the balanced budget, CLINTON DIDN'T BALANCE IT. There I said it. The president does not write the budget. CONGRESS DOES.

That said, he did a lot to force congress to balance the budget. But he himself did not do that. It was a bipartisan effort to trim the budget. Which is great. I prefer that. In fact, with a Dem in the White House, the Republicans knew that their spending would be watched more closely than if it were a Republican. Like what happened with Bush.

Bush inherited an economy that was bursting from the dot-com meltdown. So if you are going to excuse BO for the current economy, you have to excuse GW for the economy he inherited.

re: CSPAN/Youtube/etc Not buying it since you keep misrepresenting Republicans the way you do, while putting the Dems on these high pedestals.

Partisanship is essentially a religion. So are you now in favor of religions?

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