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Originally Posted by Triple-Eight View Post
hey Redrob. what do you think about a playable Jawa?
That'd be really cool, but soooooo hard to do. When I first made my Species Feats mod, I planned on doing a lot of aliens, including Jawas. The problem is that most of the models for aliens are missing animations (usually combat). They also are single body (humans and Twi'leks use common body models with individual head models) which is harder to deal with. The only ones I've had success with were the Zaalbaresque Wookiees and Tusken (since the models have every animation already). In order for them to use armours and robes, I had to re-model 10 mdls and re-skin, like, 48 textures. It took too long, and only a small handful of people truly appreciate it. So, I've held off on doing more aliens, and stuck to near-humans.

Anyone who can edit a .2da file can make a quick and dirty Jawa tho. I explained it once for a female Tusken. The process would be similar, just substitute the Jawa's .2da line and his .mdl and .tga names instead.

Maybe I should just make up a TSLPatcher for all the difficult aliens, so they're all quick and dirty. They wouldn't have any change of clothes, but they'd still be able to have the stats of an equiped armour or robe.

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