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Some Serious BS #1

I'm starting a new opinion thread about certain things going on in my country that usually has to do with contreversial video games. If your not living in th Sates you probably never heard of this knew video game called Six Days In Fallujah. Its the very first actual IRAQ WAR video game. Unfortunately its been pulled because Konami decided to chicken out due to the responses of the American public. Atomic Games(developer) is now alone without a publisher.

To be honest I think its really hypocritcal that people are judging this game. Games like MGS4 or COD4 depict "fictional" wars in Middle Eastern countries that resemble Iraq or Afghanistan. No contrvesry on these to games but as soon as there is a game based off of the real conflict people are up in arms.

If your in a country that is in NATO (like Germany with its ISAF or Kommando Spezialkrafte aka KSK) I like to have your opinion on it.
Or if you are in the UK what is your opinion on it?
Do you think it should be pulled or do you think it should be published if Atomic games manages to find a publisher?

Its your opinion
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