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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Jesus. When will America learn that they're not the end-all-be-all when it comes to international politics?

Didn't we learn our lesson in Iraq?

We have no right to do anything to Mexico. We also don't have the economy to fund such an endeavor. In fact, the entire suggestion is foolhardy.

Never said America should do it, but frankly if we want them to stop coming here for better living conditions and jobs the "easiest" (this being relative) thing to do is... have Mexico be a less ****ty place to live.

Should we do it? It is our job?

You know, with all the money we spend trying to keep people out it makes me wonder how well that could be spent elsewhere.

And, frankly, despite the Iraq failure it is not an inherently bad thing to try to help a country run by drug money. It is certainly a better idea than Iraq considering it is our border country and Iraq is half way around the world.

Why not the UN? Why just America? How about Canada helps them?

I could give a **** who does it, but our current failing attempts to keep them out have been failing. We -could- keep our hand and money out of Mexico, but Mexico is still sending its drugs and immigrants up here. Their little gang war has made it into our country as well, and by then I think it is our damn business whether the country below us is a third world ****hole or not that has no government to enforce any laws of any kind.

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