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Today I discovered something that threatened me. An assassin, sent to presumably take out either me or the current administrator who has not been dealing favorably with the Imps setting up labor camps on Dantooine. Luckily I heard a stray thought from the would-be killer and tailed him. I dumped his corpse in the lake that is about a kilometer from my house.

I fear an Imperial investigation and I am thinking about whether to move to another backwater planet or stay put. Just like my old ship I have become attached to my little cottage. To be honest I don’t know what to do…

It was a horrible repeat of the last time I was flying above the planet that an hour ago I called home. I was slowly dragged in to a hangar filled to the brim with auto-turrets and defense droids. I don’t pretend that I’m invincible, and leaping out of the TIE with my lightsaber activated would be suicide. So strange that I had been thinking of just that a few minutes previously. But suddenly, I had no desire to die. Andrew had died so that I could live. I would not waste his life by throwing away mine. I would make his sacrifice count. I would make it count for a lot. I hid a small pass-key in the sole of my boot and waited for the tractor beam to set my ship down. Of course I also hid my lightsaber in the very same compartment. I slowly slithered out of the ship and put my hands on my head. A trooper cuffed my hands behind my back and led me to an elevator. We emerged in the detention center, where I was catalogued and assigned a cell. They didn’t bother to search me; the metal detectors hadn’t picked up anything, thanks to my boot having a shielded Cortis-weave surrounding the compartment in my boot they were complacent. Too complacent. I made a mental note as I was marched off to my cell.

As I sat in my cell, I tried to find out what other prisoners were near me. Other Jedi might have survived. I reached out with my mind and touched the minds of those around me. There were a few Rebel troopers. (I remember one of them was in terrible pain from a recent interrogation. I did what I could to take the pain from his mind. Andrew would have liked that.) But also, there were many officials. Ambassadors, Royal guards, diplomats…I wondered why there were so many. But the guard was returning; I didn’t have much time to wonder.

I was led back to the detention center, where other apparent new arrivals were waiting. Bags were put over our heads, and we were led off. After what seemed like hours of twisting and turning, we arrived at a large area with lots of people in it. And then I heard the breathing.

And I knew that Anakin Skywalker was dead.

I tried to shield my mind from Vader, but I was too late. He stalked up to me and tore my hood off.

I had no plan for a turn like this, but something happened then that I didn’t expect.

I felt the Force take control of my body. I leaped for Vader’s throat. A Stormtrooper behind him raised his blaster and fired. The Force shoved my body down just as the blaster bolt hit me between the eyes, and a voice, almost audible, inside my head, spoke. “You are dead. Act dead until you need to be alive. I will tell you when. Trust me.”
Vader had wasted no time in dispatching the hapless Stormtrooper who had ‘killed’ me. With a curse he ordered his guards to drag my body off. I was dead…and in a very favorable position.

Never was anything great achieved without danger.
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