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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
That sounds like pure balderdash to the highest degree, perhaps with a hint of nonsense within it.

You clearly have no idea how Hydrogen Fuel Cells work. The electricity is generated from the fuel, not sourced off a battery or a power grid. I actually had difficulty figuring out what you were saying until I read Tommycat's post on that you don't know what you're talking about, and then it all made sense (or rather, lack of it).
Yeah. There's a bit of irony there when the information follows a line like:
I'm going to complain about someone else's nonsense to show that I can and do evaluate the OPPOSITE side of the argument before I make a judgment.
I was a little worried about my ox carts claim... ya know those darn methane emissions. Of course... it's not like we could trap that and use it as an alternate fuel source... Oh wait.. we DO use recovered methane...

edited to add: Interesting thing I heard on one of the "Future is beautiful" type shows was a GM exec saying that it is even possible that, when they get the design down, that you could literally plug your car into you house to power the house. This would cut down on energy drain on the grid which in some areas is already overtaxed(*looks at CA*).

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