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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Why? Do we really need to have a standardized system? Couldn't we just use whatever works best in that area of the country/world? If we set around waiting for one system that works perfectly everywhere, we may be waiting in the dark. I see nothing wrong with using multiple systems even within a single region provided they have the ability to funcition there.
Simple, for the locations that don't have any of the needed criteria. Seeing as how I live in an area that has nuclear, solar and hydroelectric power, I'm pretty well off. Nuclear is the one that can be anywhere. I have no problem with using the available power. Just that not all areas have even one criteria.

And I certainly didn't say we should wait around. I think that would be inferred by my recommendation of utilizing nuclear power which is not perfect, but better than oil or coal fired plants. And I certainly did not recommend a standardized system. For instance Hawaii could use tidal. AZ can use solar(and hydroelectric). I'm not saying nuclear should replace those. That it should be used in conjunction with those to provide (relatively) clean power.

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