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Voyager was great because 7 of 9 was absolutely gorgeous!

TOS was great because that's what started it all!

TNG was great except I felt, from my perspective, that the last few seasons were dull and the music they used was lame. My favorite seasons were the first 2 (Paulaski was a good 'Bones McCoy') and they felt more upbeat. The funniest episode or moment I ever saw during its run was when Worf was eating the cake:
"It is a cellular peptide cake.....with mint frosh-ting" LOL

DS9 stank because it was it just mostly took place on a space station and dealt with Bajorans and Cardassians too much.

Enterprise stank because I'm so sick of all the Prequel bandwagon cr@p for ideas! We're supposed to be moving foward not backward!

Time travel was way overused as a plot tool!

Just look @ my Join Date for these LucasForums and behold the proof that I'm a revered veteran of here!

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