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I did a little research on this. Also living in Cali, where energy alternatives talk is just crammed down your do tend to try to solve the problems so people will just STFU and get out yer face.

So far as I know about the hydrogen energy issue there are 2 proposed ways I know of that they went at the problem:

1) making hydrogen gas to replace gasoline.

Failed for the basic reasons:
a) electrolysis is not efficient, even in a 1:1 ratio at bare minimum and thus not cost effective
b) pound for pound it could not match gasoline
Translation: lower MPG and performed poorer

2) hydrogen fuel cells

Neutral to failed

Since this is more or less the equivalent of an electric battery, it would be best suited to an electric car. Thus solving nothing of the fuel problem, and forgoing it with an electrical car I'm afraid it too is redundant. Capacitors and batteries have made TREMENDOUS leaps in improvements over the years. Well, at least capacitors have, though I'd imagine batteries have improved as well (we use them all the time and all the time we hear about their power and efficiency). Might just as well power the electric car the old fashioned way.

Utterly ridiculous? No I would not call it utterly ridiculous, just HIGHLY improbable.

However, I am at least aware that motion can be turned into electrical energy. Hand crank flashlights are evidence of this. In fact I disassembled one of these. Low and behold it's got an electric motor inside it. So applying motion to the motor produces power out its terminals...

So I wonder if you couldn't make the motion generated by driving recharge the spare battery as you drive. Switch batteries and recharge the first one as you continue to drive. It may not be 100% efficient and eventually it will end up drained but I'm always happy to offer improvements to keep performance going longer.....(I did aspire to electrical engineering)

You wanna see something that'll make your blood boil? Watch the documentary "who killed the electric car?" <cough GM>

Also, why are we not filtering grease from all those fast food restaurants and home cooked food so that it may be refined? Diesel engine cars adjusted for it. I see no good reason why not other than maybe producing it isn't as constant. But if we can run cars on it...that's better than just throwing it away, no?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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