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Re who killed the electric car: GM is the scapegoat. They had done more to further the electric car than anyone. Government regs, production cost, and limited range did far more to kill it than anything. In fact they are looking at releasing the Volt which is a primarily electric car with 40 miles before it even runs gas at all. Mostly what killed the EV-1 was the timing. If it had come out now, I doubt GM would have terminated the project the way they did.

Fuel cell vehicles: Well in their defense, they can run on petrochemicals(aka gasoline) while the transition to hydrogen is in progress. When hydrogen is more readily available then they can switch them to pure hydrogen fuel cell. I wouldn't say it's neutral to failed. I would put it as "Unknown" at this point. Since we haven't developed it fully yet. Where we're at right now is the equivalent of the first IC engine. Actually probably more like the first steam engine(since the IC engine is somewhat based on the steam engine). It's more of a novelty at this point, but could produce something very effective.

biodiesel: in warm climates this is more viable, however as anyone who's driven a diesel up north can attest... congealing becomes a problem. Biodiesel congeals more readily than normal diesel. But yes, running diesels on biodiesel would be preferable to chucking it out.

recycling energy to recharge batteries: GM actually has that in the Volt, and their concept for the "Skateboard" FCV. I believe most of the hybrids do as well.... not sure on that. But basically it is because the force to recharge batteries creates a great deal of drag on the car. They use it to aid in braking.

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