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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Can someone justifiably break the law to catch law breakers?
Well since you put it into such a generalized question but such a specific point, forgive me if it becomes supposition. It depends on the situation and individual.

If you knew someone that the judge was going to let go and you are not convinced of his innocence...I'd think that by this point you'd see arrest, prosecution and imprisonment has failed.

If it was letting a child molester go, I would not blame the parent for taking out a gun and shooting the mother****er point blank the first chance he/she got. Deserves to die and I hope he burns in hell.

I would frankly not blame an officer for stalking someone for awhile and hiding any evidence of their being an officer of the law if it were going to catch the criminal in question. Surveillance isn't illegal. If the person isn't breaking laws or hanging around children...I'd say for the time being let the person go. If the person is breaking laws and the cop caught that person in question...Hell, beat the slimball's ass. So in this specific case, yes.
If you indeed do believe this individual's intent to be mallicious, you are only doing a favor to your community. Where this might cross the line is possibly as a s***ty justification.

Every case? It depends on the specifics. That's as specific as we can get, hyper specific. Specific in a general sense, we cannot.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
While Canadians coming south doesn't happen that often, the problem mostly resides with Mexico.
OK. Then how do you propose (in some method OTHER than letting them go) we find out illegal status?

And we should probably force Mexico to deal with their emigration problem, but... what government do we contact? Mexico pretty much has a staple government. It is there to look pretty and say "we're organized" while not necessarily doing anything at all.
A barrel of oil for every illegal we accept? Just a suggestion. It might encourage them from an economic standpoint to work with us.

I know this is not new information, but people leave Mexico because it is a terrible place to live. Sure, you have people waving the Mexican flag and saying "we love mexico!" but it is more of in concept than actual practice.
Concept is one thing, blatantly doing it because you want wherever you go to be your Mexico (in contempt of and insullt to the country you are now in) is completely another.

In Reno NV a vet got pissed off that a mexican restaurant flew their mexican flag over ours. So he took it down, kept the US flag and shredded and cut the Mexico flag. I don't blame him. He fought for this country. Not only is it contempt and insult to the country, it's illegal to do.

If we can get Mexico stable again and boost the quality of life, your immigration problem should slow down. It should also make them a better trading partner and increase relations with South America, which would be better investments than a lot we're doing nowadays.
With what money?

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Hmmm, you'll have to refresh my memory on this one. Pretty sure a cop needs probable cause in order to be able to search a vehicle without a warrant.
Thank you. Sort of gives credibility to my above answer "depends on the situation".

I guess I'm still not convinced. Illegal immigrants come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. As do U.S. citizens. I'm not buying that it's okay that Sheriff Joe drives into Avondale, pulls over a dozen latin americans (who are all citizens) for "broken windshields", but lets a dozen vehicles driven by caucasians (who are canadians with expired visas) with broken windshields go on their merry way.
True, there should be more enforcement to catch the Canadians.

Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Never said America should do it, but frankly if we want them to stop coming here for better living conditions and jobs the "easiest" (this being relative) thing to do is... have Mexico be a less ****ty place to live.
Which I do believe busting the drug cartels to be a major step in that direction. It's a start.

You know, with all the money we spend trying to keep people out it makes me wonder how well that could be spent elsewhere.
I'd think eVerify would rectify many problems. A gov't. database website where you could check to see if an applicant really is who they claimed to be?
Sounds good to me.

SO, Why are we trying to enact the realID act (basically to track and monitor you whatever you do, wherever you go all the time) when we have not even given eVerify a chance? It would be rather effective at screening for illegals at jobs. Lou Dobbs even had a thing on about it. But the current admin just turned it down claiming it would be "too costly and make too much bureaucracy". Yet it wants to spy on its own people, making just as much bureaucracy and probably costing just as much if not more than running a database website where it could just be discretionary at the employer's hands? That's pretty F***ed up. Doing nothing is stupid, we have problems and they won't solve themselves.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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