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Spectre? He's such a turncoat Dem>Rep>Dem again, I really don't see why you'd welcome him.

Taking the money of the Republicans and changing to Democrat mid campaign. Of course considering how he welcomed the bailout and stimulus packages with open arms, and is whining now that "the right chased him away", I'd say the old fossil did it to further his career. He's 79. It was loooking doubtful he'd get in as a Republican.

If he bites you like a snake, don't say I (an independent) didn't warn ya. In fact the dems warned the republicans the first time he crossed the aisle.

Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
All other issues aside, I really really hate Al Franken, perhaps he could die and they could put someone less obnoxious in his place.
Can't say I blame you.

YES! I'd love ever so much for someone to bash his skull in--if I may make a suggestion: impale him with a cactus first. Jackals like him DO tend to run away.

We already have enough jokers in office, we don't need another.

Well, we have several other candidates who are less obnoxious:
Jim Carey
Jeff Daniels
Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan)
Jenna Jameson
Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock
Dave Chappelle
Hillary Duff
Natalie Portman

Bull****? This is like the 2nd or 3rd recount. It was Franken losing by 500 votes at election night, now he's winning by 200? 700 votes clean out of nowhere. Now THAT is bull****.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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