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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Whoa! Hold on!

I'm surre Tommy was just putting it out there as best as he knew. No need to be abrasive...We're here for friendly discussion now.

I think this is simple semantics. What he probably meant was as to the hydrogen availability post-electrolysis.

In general, the use of hydrogen is not cost effective or feasible in a practical sense to most americans. Or as you'd put it, not realistic.
Thanks GTA. Yes, I'm quite familiar that hydrogen itself is the most abundant element in nature, however it is usually found bonded with other elements. H2 is actually pretty rare to find just floating around(at least here on earth). It likes to bond with other elements just a bit more.

You can get hydrogen from a number of sources. And if you have a nuclear reactor laying about, you can get quite a bit of it using the heat and sulfur-iodine process.
Source kinda nifty.

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