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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
So it's inefficient, but relative to what? Gasoline engines aren't exactly models of efficiency, either.
Not saying the hydrogen battery would be bad. Saying that getting the molecule in the first place takes more energy to initially get then you receive when using the molecule.

But, compared to Gasoline, nothing is currently more "efficient" considering it comes out of the ground and all we really have to do is dig, find, and pump. The engine's aren't environmentally friendly, but how friendly are the plants using tons of energy to get relatively small amounts of hydrogen?

Originally Posted by Qliveur
As a matter of fact, short of a matter-antimatter reaction, no energy-producing process is anywhere near 100% efficient.
When used, sure. What I'm talking about is what it takes to get it is more than it gives you back, which is the exact opposite of an efficient energy source.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
If you have abundant, cheap electricity from non-emissive sources, this point becomes moot.
Agreed, but we don't have that right now so it is currently not moot.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
That's why establishing a massive, non-emissive power grid should be the first priority.
True, but outside of wind power what do you suggest?

Originally Posted by Qliveur
Besides, can you think of a better way to power a car with 0 emissions? I'll admit that I can't.
Except it isn't 0 emissions. The car may let out water, but I doubt the nuclear power plant was as friendly when the electricity generally inefficiently cunjured up some hydrogen.

Now, that isn't to say I'm against research into it. With our current technology, obviously, getting hydrogen is incredibly inefficient. We have been making some breakthroughs though, and getting closer to overcoming that inefficient gap.
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