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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
What an absolutely appalling law to have, and frankly I'm insulted that we consider ourselves that highly as a country and would actually make something like putting one flag over another a crime like this was some kind of political cartoon.
Actually symbolicly placing one flag over another represents which one controls the other. If you notice at the UN all flags are placed at (roughly) equal heights. Placing one higher symbolizes rule over the lower flag. Placing a Mexican flag over the US flag IS a slap in the face to the veteran.

It's all flag etiquette really. Either fly the US flag on equal ground as the Mexican flag or only fly one of the two. Of course it is considered rude to fly a foreign flag on another country's soil.

Gotta laugh about the flag thing too though. to an extent. Ever since I heard Eddie Izzard and his "Do you have a flag?"

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