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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Some tidbits about Hydrogen production... there is a station constructed by our Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) that is completely off the grid, self-powered and produces its own hydrogen via solar power and water. This station is used to fuel the Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicles that they are currently testing.

This fuel source is viable, and so are the vehicles. I know I used to drive one, daily.

And I was an "Internal combustion accept no substitutes!" kind of person before.

All the data that you read about Hydrogen being hard to produce or more harmful are likely backed by interests that do not want to see this change. The gas companies stand to lose big if we were to change from gasoline for our vehicles. So be wary of who actually wrote what you are reading and who sponsored it as far as other sites and even textbooks.

Just my
True, but it still does not entirely answer the problem of the inefficiency of the energy conversion.

Seems like a fair idea though if its working. If you can convince a company/group/etc to run a wind/solar/etc powered hydrogen station then I'm all for the idea.

If we are using a nuclear power plant, however, it doesn't seem to make hydrogen much better or worse than gasoline.

I, personally, have not seen much good evidence that it is dangerous, but it is still fact that it is inefficient as a source -unless- you pull the electricity from a "free" source, like wind or sun.

I've been wanting solar panels on every roof anyway, so the closer we can get to that the more hydrogen becomes a more valid source of energy.
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