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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Modern nuclear power plants are far safer and more efficient than they were just a few decades ago. And the waste that everyone is so afraid of can be reprocessed into new fuel so that the net amount is minimized. It can then be safely stored, for centuries if necessary, until our descendants have the capability to either render it inert or even take it off-planet and send it into the sun if necessary. Ask the French about how great it is. They have such an abundance of power that they sell it to neighboring countries.
Well, that is my main problem with power plants. You say they are efficient and such, but the waste, while -some- of it can be reused, is... stored. It renders the area it is being kept in a radioactive mess, and that waste can also be processed into weapons. While not a problem here, that seems to be our main problem with Iran right now.

Its fantastic power, but using them to create Hydrogen hardly makes it an emission or environmentally friendly process. Now, is you use coast, wind, solar, etc power on the other hand I have little problem as tons of dangerous energy isn't being wasted.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
Cool. Interesting read. I always wondered if some sort of catalyst could be developed to help the process along. We're getting there. I'm totally with RH in believing that hydrogen is the future, and that some powerful, greedy people might not want that to happen, but maybe within our lifetimes we'll see the end of our dependence on fossil fuels. I for one would die happier that way.
Least it shows there is a good amount of research and thought being placed into the idea.
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