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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
Well, that is my main problem with power plants. You say they are efficient and such, but the waste, while -some- of it can be reused, is... stored. It renders the area it is being kept in a radioactive mess,
No arguments here. Unfortunately, people have been allowed to be very careless with the stuff over the past 60 years and AFAIK the Department of Energy has put a stop to that. The DoE, which is now responsible for it all, is in the process of cleaning up those sites and consolidating all of the waste into new, secure, long-term facilities so that kind of thing won't happen again. This is supposed to be completed by 2025.
Originally Posted by True_Avery
and that waste can also be processed into weapons. While not a problem here, that seems to be our main problem with Iran right now.
That portion of waste that can be processed into weapons is what I said earlier can be reprocessed into new fuel, solving that problem. The US has never seriously dealt with reprocessing, which was stupid, of course, and one of the reasons why we have so much waste in the first place. The other stuff is all going to be under lock and key and guarded by the federal government.
Originally Posted by True_Avery
Its fantastic power, but using them to create Hydrogen hardly makes it an emission or environmentally friendly process. Now, is you use coast, wind, solar, etc power on the other hand I have little problem as tons of dangerous energy isn't being wasted.
Maybe best solution would be to use hydro, wind and solar wherever they can be practical and only use nuclear to fill in the gaps where there is no other practical option.
Originally Posted by True_Avery
Least it shows there is a good amount of research and thought being placed into the idea.
Well, the clean electricity problem has to be tackled first, but I think it will be the future of transportation if we want to drive clean cars. And don't worry, Tommy; I'm sure that there will be a way to soup up HFC cars, too.

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