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Great job folks Just keeps getting better !! Loved the Trek intro. Would have loved to have heard niner do his best Azn Sulu voice I also enjoyed hearing Lexxy get the giggles, though was shocked to hear that she smokes

*cough cough*[/smokecloud]

Just one small historical item to clarify:
I think Bill was also about to interject when Grooves mentioned Plato as a possible cameo appearance in Young Indy.... this would have been a stretch given Plato was born sometime around 427/8 BCE. I myself didnt mind the historical cameos in Young Indy at all, Mustafa Kemal being my favorite of course (GL also sends a nod to him in ROTS with the planet 'Mustafar')

Re- Star Wars TV Series:
It has NOT been confirmed whether there will be any EU characters at this stage. If there were to be...the most obvious candidate is Garm Bel Iblis - one of the founders of the Rebellion. Lucas did mention that the Live action TV series will be targeted at a more 'mature' audience than CW.

The focus period of the show will be more on 'The Birth of The Rebellion' rather than a continuation of the jedi purge. One imagines Mon Mothma and perhaps Bail Organa(who appeared in the films) will be back/mentioned in some form as they were so integral to the Rebellion. There is a cut scene in ROTS(on the DVD) showing a secret meeting of disenfranchised senators, where Mon Mothma(Chandrila) was present.

As for the the live TV show, Im looking forward to (hopefully) seeing some Bothans...many of which died to bring you this information...


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