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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Actually DY, FCV is a good transition as it will run on petrochemicals though the emissions are not as clean as if it is on hydrogen(though still cleaner than the cleanest hybrid). You're actually hitting apon the "not readily available" part of my earlier post. There are very few hydrogen refueling locations.
That's not what I was emphasizing. When I was arguing for maglev instead of high speed rail, the idea was shunned because it was way too radical compared to the more standard 'wheels on tracks' concept.

The electrical infrastructure for electric hybrids or light rail are very much available today. It would involve setting up a new infrastructure for electric trains or recharge stations at parkways, but it would be relatively easy in comparison to starting a whole new, unrelated system from scratch. You would have to construct electrolysing devices on a massive scale before you could even consider mass-producing hydrogen vehicles. That in itself would be almost like constructing a new system of power plants to replace all those in the US. Setting up a massive new infrastructure very different from what is currently used would be astronomical.

Hydrogen historically has not been used on a massive scale and would not be easy to implement... or cheap for that matter... when it comes to becoming THE energy of the future for automobiles. As of today, it's not even close to the feasibility of batteries being gasoline's replacement. There is simply no infrastructure of any kind for hydrogen, but there is already one in place for electricity that simply has to be expanded.

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