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New squeleton problems...

Hello there!

I want to make a new model (a horse) with a skeleton own (I'm using Studio Max 8.0) but I'm doing some tests with simple models/skeleton first. But some problems are occurring:
-> the skeleton is rotated 90.
-> I used as reference (hierarchy, bone names...)the skeleton available in Psyk0 site, but when I view the model (in ModView) where should appear model_root appears 3DMaxscene (or something like that) instead.
-> the Meshes appear in strange places and they are rotated, however, they are connected to bones and animations work normally.
I've read several tutorials and I am using the reset xform before the Weighting, but the Meshes are still showing up in strange places.
I'm using a wrong configuration in the carcass or to export the XSI?
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