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Chapter 3

Johra and Bao-Dur exited the elevator, once again on the floor they had landed on. They ran towards the hangar, seeing various explosions and running Sith personnel on the way. At least two times they were forced to find a way around debris that had fallen down by the explosions, but they reached the hangar in one piece. They opened the door and walked in. They saw that the shuttle was unharmed, thankfully. They were just about to enter it when the heard a voice behind them.

“Don't try to get away,” a Dark Jedi said, while he and another one ignited their crimson lightsabers. The two Jedi walked towards them, brandishing their lightsabers. They stopped a few meters from the Dark Jedi and activated their sabers. Johra leaped towards one of them, striking many fast and hard strikes. The Dark Jedi had trouble parrying, and Johra forced him back towards the door. Bao-Dur and the other one was engaged in a saber-lock, no-one seeming to gain the upper hand. The Dark Jedi forced Bao-Dur's saber back, and he was just about to kill him, when an explosion rocked the hangar, sending large parts of the floor, including the shuttle down to the fuel maintenance walkway. Streams of hot fuel ran on both sides of the walk way, on its way to the engines.

The two Dark Jedi had fallen down into the hot fuel, but Johra landed on the walkway, and Bao-Dur on the top of the shuttle. Bao-Dur jumped down on the walkway and ran over to Johra, who was lying still. Bao-Dur carried him towards the shuttle, not knowing what to do. He saw the shuttle drifting towards the engines, and a plan formed inside his head.

“I could use the engines to...” he thought aloud. He grinned and jumped into the ship. He put Johra in the co-pilot seat, and sat down himself in the pilots seat. He checked the systems if anything was damaged, and he saw that the engines were bad. He closed the boarding ramp, and the shuttle drifted towards the engines. They were only a few meters away.

“Let's hope this works,” Bao-Dur said in a nervous voice. They were in the huge engines now, and was just about to get sucked into space. Bao-Dur fastened his and Johra's seat belts. There was a sound like thunder when they passed through the engines, and the small shuttle was shot out into space, Bao-Dur flicking the engine switch like a madman. At last the engines worked, and the shuttle straightened up from it's suicide course towards the planet. Bao-Dur breathed out, but soon held his breath again when the Sith Cruiser exploded. Parts and debris were flying everywhere. Suddenly, the shuttle rocked, a part had hit the left wing. Bao-Dur cursed, and the shuttle fell down towards the planet. The ship got through the atmosphere unharmed, and crashed close to the town Morka, in the desert.

Bao-Dur opened his eyes. He was relatively unharmed because of his seatbelt, but Johra was still unconscious. Bao-Dur unhooked his seatbelt and stood up. He shook Johra, hoping to wake him up, but he was unsuccessful, so he used the Force to give Johra energy, which woke the human up immediately. Johra opened his eyes and stood up. He shook his head to get rid of the fatigue. Once he was fully awake, he asked Bao-Dur what had happened. Bao-Dur explained basically what happened, but told his apprentice to wait with the details for later.

“Right now we have to get off this ship.” Bao-Dur walked over to the panel. He pressed the button for opening the boarding ramp, but it didn't work.

“We'll have to open it manually,” Bao-Dur declared and walked towards the boarding ramp with Johra following closely. Bao-Dur brandished his lightsaber and activated it. He quickly cut a hole through the ramp, making the metal around the blade melt and turn orange. As soon as he withdrew his lightsaber the hole fell down on the sandy ground, the metal cooling within seconds. The two Jedi jumped down. As soon as they got out the strong wind caught their clothes, making their tunics flap around them. They saw a landspeeder coming towards them from Morka, blowing up sand behind it. Johra and Bao-Dur took a few steps towards it, each step making sand blow up around their feet.

As the speeder stopped next to them, they saw that the pilot was a man in his thirties, with black short hair, stubble, and a scar across his face. The man was dressed in a brown leather jacket, black pants and black boots.

“Master Jedi,” the man said. His voice was humble. “I saw your shuttle crash and thought I would investigate. Jump in, it's not safe out here.” The Jedi jumped in the speeder and sat down. The man quickly turned the speeder around and drove back to Morka.

“You can stay at my place until you find a way off this planet!” the man shouted over the engines as the drove into the town.
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