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Alright, for those Mac users that wanna run KSE on Mac if they don't know how, you can use a trial or buy the full version of CrossOver for Mac, and depending on what you buy, you may also get CrossOver Games. But all you need is CrossOver. When you have CrossOver, download KSE. Double click on the folder, and RIGHT CLICK the kse.exe(whatever version you have). Go to the "Open With >" Menu, and select CrossOver. Then, wait 10 or so seconds for it to load. Now, press the little expand (+) button next to documents and find "Knights of the Old Republic." DO NOT expand that folder. Simply select it, and choose it. Select KOTOR1, not TSL. Now, you should remember which game you wanted to edit. For example, if you had a game titled "Game 3," and it was third from the top of the list in the Load Menu, select "Game 000003" or whatever it says.

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