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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
The third person model in SP is as ugly as it ever was. The MP one is the same but with a high res skin texture. But yeah, missing animations. : (

I guess they did it this way to save memory? But others can "see you" doing all kinds of animations.

Reminds me of UT. In that game you saw others doing back flips, but on their end they were just doing normal jumps. Heh...
There's one animation that is there, when you slide down that zip line from the gunship to the ground. That you do the same as your squadmates. It's hard to type in, "togglebehindview" before you've hit ground, so type that in, restart the level, go to the console, and press the up button then hit Enter or Return. And the reason that they can see your animations but you can't in Third Person is because when you push the button, a set of animations occur, depending on what's happening at that moment. Sorry for typing so much, I know a lot about this game.
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