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If you haven't already, I suggest putting up a thread in the Audio Productions section of Voice Acting Alliance. I've already got a couple auditions for the Lost Ones.

Now no offense and this is ONLY my opinion, but I'm having some issues with how much you are tying Kreia to the Sith (in this case making her teach only the Sith prestige classes and also her disciple Cain being the DS parallel to the PC's Jedi friend despite "seeking the middle road on issues"). Part of what I see in Chris Avellone's work in TSL is that he has Kreia not as ye representative of the Jedi (like Bastilla in K1) or the Sith, but as the speaker of truth. For one thing, Kreia never actually lies to you in TSL, she chooses not to release certain facts until you are ready. When she says that the identity of Darth Traya must not be revealed or "this war will end before it has even begun", she is saying that if she tells you she's a Sith Lord your Jedi-must-defeat-the-evil-Sith-and-save-the-Galaxy-in-time-for-dinner instinct will go off and you'll not listen to anything she says and/or try to kill her when she is the only person who can sufficiently guide you in this new dark era.

Thus, tying her to much to the "Dark Side", IMO, discredits a character who is in so many ways above arbitrary morality. Now if you do feel the need to discredit her either as a character or her ideals, my advice is that you need to face her arguments with legitimate arguments of your own (rather than using Jedi rhetoric and saying "the Dark Side leads to DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!! KILL ALL SITH LORDS!!!!!!"). Here is how I'd go about it.

Now Kreia's ideals are Social Darwinistic in nature, relating to the Sith ideal of the Powerful above the Weak, but without the needless bloodshed and opportunity for the Weak to become the Powerful through strife and hardship. The best counter to this is the following argument: "To what end?" This is best followed up with questioning what the measurement of a civilization's progress is: a society of individuals seeking constant self-improvement at the expense of empathy and basic tolerance, a civilization suffering from stagnation because everyone sees fit to rob each other of opportunities of self-improvement, a compromise, or something else entirely. The next thing to do is contend that all individuals who preach any sort of broad ideology to others (be it Kreia's Social Darwinism, the Sith's extremist Social Darwinism plus Fascism, or the Jedi's lofty Humanism and Utilitarianism) should not be able to spread their views simply because they do not live as ordinary human beings capable of empathy. NOTE: This is actually Revan's teachings passed on HK-47 which you can learn in TSL if you gain enough influence with him to ask about how one kills Jedi - I used KSE give myself max influence with HK so I could learn the answer to the influence based questions. According to Revan, the Jedi (and by extension Sith) shut themselves off empathically from others as a form of protection from such things as Malachor V. However, the way that one overcomes a Jedi (or Sith) is to "live like a normal person" by opening one's emotions. This is used to a certain extent by Atton who used simple emotions to form a mental barrier around himself when hunting Jedi to keep them out of his mind. This is especially confusing to a Jedi since they live detached from such emotions. Back on the original subject and actually a real-life note, this is true of all ideologues because they lived detached from ordinary life and invent ideologies for people without understanding the empathic aspect of ordinary individuals. This is why ideologies fail, because they do not take into account the human element.

Wow, I AM ranting! Still, hopefully you can get something out of my lofty talk . I'd be cool if you could actually use these arguments in a debate with Kreia in-game.

Anyway, looking forward to Act I as always.

As of 3/14/10, TSL is restored. The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification by Stoney and Zbyl has been finished and can be downloaded here.

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