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Chapter 6

I awoke to find myself being dragged down a hall towards an unknown destination. I had a massive headache, and didn't open my eyes at once. Instead I turned the force inwards upon myself to try and find the source of the pain. There was only one problem. I couldn't feel the Force. That's when I decided to open my eyes. I instantly regretted my decision and spots of light blurred my vision. After a few seconds, the spots disappeared and I was able to discern my surroundings. Dragging me down the hall were two brawny human males with shaved heads and dark skin. On their backs were small reptiles clinging to organic support devices.


I closed my eyes and slumped my head down to conserve energy. A door opened ahead of us and I was thrown bodily to the floor inside the dark room and the door closed behind me. Pulling myself to my feet, I sat on the floor and rubbed my hands against my eyes to try and cure my headache. I had been sitting there for only a few seconds when I received a sharp blow to the lower back and was tossed across the room. I hit the wall with a loud crunch. Mentally I assessed the damage. One, maybe two ribs, nothing I can't deal with.

I rolled to my feet and straightened up. In return I got another sharp kick to the abdomen, doubling me over. An elbow connected with the back of my neck and I collapsed into a convulsing heap. That's when the lightsaber came on. The crimson glow illuminated the entire space. A barking laugh, familiar yet eerie, echoed around the chamber.

"You are pathetic. You call yourself a Jedi."

I knew the voice, but I couldn't place it. Instead of responding I slowly got to my knees and stared up into my attackers face. Basked in the crimson glow was the face of my father, grinning ferally down at me.

"No. It can't be. You died at Borleais."

His barking laugh echoed around the chamber once again.

"You are ignorant of the many mysteries of the Force my son."

"It can't be. You're dead."

The toe of his boot connected with my nose, and I felt it shatter. Blood spewed across the floor.

I could sense him kneel down next to me, leaning close to my head to whisper in my ear.

“Will you join me in the Dark Side or die my son?”

“I will never fall prey to the Dark. Whether you truly are my father or not, I will not join you.”

He chuckled.

“Time to die.”

Blue intertwined with red as forks of lightning arced out from his fingers and lanced like sharp knifed into my body. The pain was unbearable, and it continued for almost 30 seconds. When it stopped, he was still laughing.

“Your whole life is pathetic. You are the son of a world that no longer exists. You have no one to care for you. Your family is gone, and you have no one left but me.”

“You are wrong. I have one person. Jaina still cares for me.”

His laughed echoed one last time.

“You ignorant fool. She died before you did.”

The lightning struck me and I disappeared into oblivion.

~ ~ ~

I woke with a scream of agony. I sat up abruptly and felt the blood rush from my head. Normally I would have felt dizzy, but my overwhelming anger overpowered all other feelings. That's when I realized the ysalamari had been removed. I laughed. I stood up and full of the darkness that was my hate for my father lifted the guard on the other side of the door off the ground. He collapsed back to the ground with his head facing the complete opposite direction. I lifted the key card from his pocket with the force and slid it into the slot to unlock the cell.

I stepped out into the hallway and alarms immediately started blaring. I kept walking. There was only one thing on my mind, anything else was just a distraction and would be destroyed. Four guards came around the corner ahead and all of them had their hearts ripped from their bodies. I continued on, through the increasingly large pool of blood and around the corner. I realized that with each person I killed, I became stronger, more immersed in the Force. At almost every corner I met more guards. All of them died. If they attempted to shoot before they went down, the got the particularly painful treat of having their insides melt under the force of the lightning issuing from my fingertips.

I’m coming for you Father. I sent the message ringing through the Force and felt a slight stirring from the center of the station. I turned another corner and headed for my father. Its time to die.

I turned one last corner and a group of a dozen guards stood waiting for me. Standing in front of them was a short man dressed entirely in black. He ignited a red lightsaber and pointed it at me. The blinding flashes of blaster shots ricocheted everywhere along the hallway. I stuck a hand out and at once, all of the bolts redirected themselves into my hand. The gathered into a small ball floating about an inch from my hand. I threw the ball with the force. It shot forward like a cannon, completely obliterating the Sith’s head and passing through 2 more soldiers before burning a hole in the door behind them. Bolts kept flying, but I used the Force to deflect them away from me and into the walls on either side of me. When i got within 2 meters of the men I used the Force to slam them all into the walls with back-breaking force and blasted the door open.

I strode inside and my father stood in the center of the room, lightsaber already ignited. I stopped. Time to die. We charged towards each other, he with glowing sword in hand and me possessing only the Force. We collided, and I grabbed his arm just before he could deliver a killing blow from the saber. With my other hand I landed several punches in the gut with lightning fast agility. Prancing away, I dodged swipe after swipe of his saber, sometimes jumping over the blade, others bending my body in unnatural poses to avoid the deadly beam.

I danced forward well within his first ring of attack and started deflecting his attacks with my limbs, striking his sword arm before he could land a critical strike against me. I shot my hand up into the air and caught his hand. I shot lightning directly into his sword arm and his muscles convulsed. The lightsaber fell limp from his hand and I caught it with my other hand. Swinging the blade in an arc I disemboweled his right arm leaving him shrieking in pain. He collapsed to the floor in a screaming heap rolling around holding the stump of his arm. I lifted him into the air by the neck. I forced myself beneath his mental barriers and spoke directly into his mind.

This will not be a quick and easy death. I will make you suffer, and I will enjoy it.

Reaching deeper into his head, I brushed aside his mental barriers with ease and grabbed at the most terrible memories I could find and forced him to replay them in his mind. I continued, my hatred at him for killing Jaina driving me onward like a whip from the master. Slowly his eyes blanked and began to glass over. I walked forward and brought him down to eye level and looked directly into his eyes. I put a hand on his forehead and sent one last message.

You should not have forced my hand.

Lightning arced from my fingertips directly into his skull. In a millisecond, all the hair on his head had burnt off and his brain fried. I let the corpse collapse back to the floor. I looked down at the corpse, noticing it no longer looked like my father, but was instead a middle aged man of a different look entirely.

He used a hologram to try to torment me.

I called his lightsaber to hand. During his last seconds, I caught glimpses of a rocky planet with no foliage, standing in a circle all around were men and women of different species all holding ignited red lightsabers.

They are my goal. I will hunt them all down for killing Jaina. None of them are safe. They will all die.

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!

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