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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I'm the type of person who cheats routinely at KOTOR and its sequel; I find that giving myself items, money, and stats for free doesn't take anything away from the game. Therefore, I don't care about how much XP and the like I get for doing things. After all, the combat is forgettable and balance is out of whack. Storyline is what I play KOTOR for, so I lose nothing by making the intermissions between the plots and subplots shorter and less tedious.
I (guiltily) admit that I'm the same way. I always try to get through the game without cheating, but eventually I get restless and start fiddling with KSE. For the most part, I tend to re-balance attributes and skills (both mine and my party members') to the way I think they "should" be.

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