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Well they did sort of revamp "Outlaws" in 2001, but anyway, yeah.

Dark Forces (which was a DOS game) was released on PS1. Jedi Outcast was released on PS2, Gamecube and Xbox, and Jedi Academy was released on Xbox.

The Macintosh got DF, JK2 and JA. A "windows" port of Dark Forces came out, but it was just a win9X based launcher for the same DOS game.

So neither JK1 nor MotS was ever ported to any consoles. It would have been a great game. It was probably an issue of timing and licensing... because Quake II, released only a few months after JK, was ported to the PS1 and N64 (and the freakin' AMIGA).

I guess you could hope some homebrew editor ports it to some console, but it'd be a total bootleg.

The closest things we've gotten to "Jedi games" outside this series have been "Star Wars: Obi-Wan" (a critical failure and a flop, an X-box exclusive), Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (apparently the gameplay is pretty different, it's more of a side scroller type fighter, iirc), and then "Force Unleashed" was probably the most like a Jedi Knight game... and it came out for every console under the sun, but not the PC (a total snub, really, because the PC could have handled it).

FU (wow, even the name sounds like LucasArts was giving PC gamers the finger! j/k) had a 2 player duel mode, but the perspective was much like the Episode III game... a side view type of battle, like Soul Calibur.

The last one I'm upset about, because although the premise of the game was pretty silly, it was finally a game where you played a "Dark Jedi," which would have been the next natural story to do in the JK series. It could have been amazing with online multiplayer and modability. Oh well...

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