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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Nothing, it is free to us at this point... SMUD has a fleet of these vehicles and so does the partnership. We have free use atm.

Cost hasn't come into play yet, but rest assured it would be far less than filling your average 14 gallon tank is now.
Thank-you, but some of the most critical questions I had were not satisfied... either to you or to anyone. Clearly a hydrogen powered vehicle would compare to a standard in range, but still you have no idea what it would cost to actually buy the hydrogen. That's not very reassuring when you don't even know what it would cost... or even an estimate of the cost.

I'm still not convinced. I wouldn't imagine SMUD would promote its product by withholding statistics unless those statistics would hurt their goal. I'd like to know how efficient hydrogen has become and economic it is before I put any confidence in it. At the least, they could show how it has improved... to verify that if it's currently not, then it could be in the future.

Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
No slap seen on this end, though you seemed to go on about energy loss and transportation, etc. when the solutions I have seen eliminate the most wasteful parts of what we have now. So any loss with the new tech is minimal compared to what we have now.
The 'most wasteful parts of what we have now'? If you mean the inefficiencies of automobiles, that's only a small part of the issue.

Some Americans don't have the luxury of buying clean fuel if it's going to be too expensive to budget, so I am not placing much faith in hydrogen... there is no mention of its price point. If hydrogen were projected to be cheaper than gasoline, I would assume some numbers would be released to the public. It's in testing phase, so that doesn't mean it's carved in stone, but I have seen no projections or estimates that it would be any less than $10 per 4 kg. It would very well cost more as fossil fuels become more expensive.

As for solar power, it represents <1% of electricity produced in the US. It's rising, but you would need an area the size of Rhode Island covered to be at the point of replacing oil demands with solar panels.
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