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Ha, cheers Bini!
I was a little hesitant to post that one.
Just wasn't sure about it.
There was something I thought that didn't fit right, but I just couldn't pick what it was! I guess that didn't matter much though, lol.

A new one.
Written when I was in one of those moments where a relationship can seem so good at the time but you know that its only a matter of time until that ends.

- When You're Around -

When you're around,
I can see everything that's in front of me.
I can hear that sound,
of how lovely your voice can be.

When you're around,
I can remember where I have been,
I don't have to scream,
I don't have to dream,
Nothing is ever what it seems,
when you're around.

When you're gone,
everything seems so wrong,
but after so long,
when I write this song,
I knew that I could get along,
without you.

It seems to me,
that we will be,
something out of a horror story.
But now I think,
that we won't sink,
and a horror story isn't so bad for me.

When you're around,
I'd rather be alone.
But when you're gone,
I feel too alone.

Can you see my predicament?
Being stuck in this sentiment,
but having no way to get out.

When you're around.

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