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(I'm still trying to understand your really off base quip about solar power, it had nothing to do with my reply, and is indicative of my issues with your replies, they start to drift off away from the topic at hand IMO. Just FYI)

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Clearly a hydrogen powered vehicle would compare to a standard in range, but still you have no idea what it would cost to actually buy the hydrogen. That's not very reassuring when you don't even know what it would cost... or even an estimate of the cost.
Cheaper than gasoline is now... that is the goal. Options for home units to make hydrogen at your own home are also on the table, so some people might not be visiting the stations as frequently than they are now.

I know you want a hard number, but at this point you aren't likely to get any. With what is at stake here it is understandable that certain things are kept under wraps, and not for "conspiracy theory" reasons, but for business ones.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I wouldn't imagine SMUD would promote its product by withholding statistics unless those statistics would hurt their goal.
You invent something new you will keep things in-house until everything is finalized then when you are ready with your product you release hard data, that is why you make prototypes and test them and also how you keep competitors away. After all profit is a factor here for a business you don't just release everything to the public all along the way in development, that's not how it works.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
The 'most wasteful parts of what we have now'? If you mean the inefficiencies of automobiles, that's only a small part of the issue.
No, the other information you listed before in your earlier posts that concerned you. "How expensive would it be for the various production facilities, pipelines, stations, additional power plants, and vehicle repair facilities?"

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Some Americans don't have the luxury of buying clean fuel if it's going to be too expensive to budget, so I am not placing much faith in hydrogen... there is no mention of its price point.
Clean fuel is only a luxury if you call it such... the only thing they have now is petrol, tomorrow it may be hydrogen, they will buy whatever is available to run the vehicles available. When it was horses they bought/fed horses, gasoline they bought gasoline, whatever comes next they will buy it.

Also referring to a tidbit from an earlier post...
There is a very significant difference between gasoline and hydrogen/powered cars
Yes and no... there are shared systems and new ones.

and it would require specialized training where a split-cycle engine upgrade follows the same principles as the four-cycle design. The simpler one can make a technology or system, the less likely there would be complications. Where would Redhawke have gone if he theoretically owned his vehicle and it broke down? If there weren't many hydrogen vehicles on the road, finding a mechanic would have been difficult to find.
I have to say you are misinformed about who can repair these vehicles...

My father, in his 60's, took him less than 4 weeks training... for someone with only a grade 10 education and over 40 years experience working on many of the various vehicles in use (American/European/Asian/Autos/Diesels), and if my dad could adjust to these vehicles so readily (he loved it, up until he had to go on disability due to his cancer), it won't be difficult for younger more educated mechanics to make this adjustment as well.

The work force is already in place, the current shops will only need to buy a few new diagnostic systems/tools. For some shops working under the auto company names these things are supplied.

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