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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
My father, in his 60's, took him less than 4 weeks training... for someone with only a grade 10 education and over 40 years experience working on many of the various vehicles in use (American/European/Asian/Autos/Diesels), and if my dad could adjust to these vehicles so readily (he loved it, up until he had to go on disability due to his cancer), it won't be difficult for younger more educated mechanics to make this adjustment as well.
I have a question related to this, but it's kind of a selfish question. Will I be able to Hot-Rod it? Get it going really fast? I mean some of us like big torque and getting some wheel spin. I think it would be kind of fun to have a muscle car powered with clean fuel. Granted, I wouldn't have that V8 roar, but if I can make it down a drag strip in under 12 seconds, I don't think too many hot rodders are going to whine about an FCV(aside from the ones who love the V8 roar). It would make one HECK of a sleeper.

From what I understand the FCV has fewer moving parts than a conventional engine(a disadvantage of the split cycle engine is that it has MORE parts than a conventional engine). So maintenance is actually reduced. It shouldn't be near as complicated as working on a current vehicle with 10 feet of timing chain, 3 different computer systems, 32 valves, 32 springs, 4 cam shafts, and the myriad of other parts that are specifically added to reduce emissions.

One thing that concerns me a bit is the 5000PSI tank... I know 2000PSI can do a lot of damage to a person. 4000 psi can kill a person. Do you happen to know if they did any impact rupture tests and the results? I'm sure they did, otherwise they couldn't have them on the road... It's just my own curiosity.

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