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I don't know if you were addressing me or Redhawke, but I could answer that question. The Split-cycle engine, or FCV, does have more components than a conventional engine, but only because you have two different types of pistons and cylinders... the crank shaft and the compressed air components are parts that a conventional engine don't have.

Although there are only half the number of power cylinders, they will fire twice as rapidly. That means a FVC would theoretically be just as capable as a normal engine. There may even be a performance advantage. If only the power cylinders operate and the compression cylinders are left open, the engine would be able to feed from the tank of compressed air alone. I don't know how much extra power it could achieve, but with the compression cylinders open, there would be less power demanded to recharge the compressed air in the tank and less resistance to overcome.

Likewise, the power cylinders could be opened and only the compression cylinders would take the car's momentum and convert it to potential energy in the form of compressed air. This may be the greatest attribute of the FVC engine being able to do this cheaper than with batteries.
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