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YES! Those are full of win and going into my archive!

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
As the article says, the local police/government who's job it is to announce, were told to keep quiet.
Hmm...told to keep quiet you say? Interesting...where'd you find that, I'd like to take a look if you don't mind.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Doesn't really address the issue. Why would such a decision, which even BO agrees was a mistake, be made in the first place? It was just plain stupid, almost criminally so.
I agree there, but let's let the guy speak. Sure it is stupid to the point of criminal negligence (or possibly more sinister if Web is going where I think he is). However, we should at least try to see as many details as possible.

Originally Posted by JediAthos View Post
First of all...the guy who planned this stunt should be fired for gross negligence and plain old fashioned stupidity. A 747 flying that close to NYC is bound to cause an uproar...and the idiot in charge doesn't deserve to be employed any longer.

The public should have been informed, and it could have been done even a few days in advance with a simple press release that likely would have taken only a few minutes to draft and maybe a few more to send out to the local news media in NY and NJ.

IMO there really isn't an excuse for a lack of communication like this.
True. Stupid or intended, there are no excuses for it. I'm not sure if I subscribe to it being on purpose or on accident. There is reason for both I suppose.

...Web? You were saying?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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