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Answering my own questions...

Fave characters:

Glottis and Manny (Grim Fandango) and Dom (Gears Of War 1 and 2.)

Most frustrating games:

Myst (I just never saw the point... so I gave up.)

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (Great idea... horrible execution. Could have been great... instead: Meh.)

Homeworld (I suck at RTS. Got through the first couple of levels... then no further.)

Most frustrating moment in a game:

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - The level where you are running from the tank on the wall.

I was with the game (and loving it) right up to that point. Then it kinda becomes like a 3rd person "Pitfall" where you have to quickly accurately line up each jump for several minutes. Totally different from the rest of the game before it. I never got through it... even after 50, 60, or more tries. Pissed me off completely, and ruined the game for me. I never finished it, I was so sour after that.

Most moving/ memorable gaming moments:

Dom's reunion with his wife. (GOW 2)
Lola gets planted... and Glottis gets sick. (Grim Fandango)
The ending of Freespace 2.

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