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Originally Posted by [IGF]IronLight View Post
Communication and interaction is still minimal between clans, but I'm still blaming the game's terrible social interaction tools for that.
I agree... I really loathe the BFII communication and social features... *laughs* I used the word "features," my bad. =/

I'm hoping BFIII will allow for (Creator willing) club/squad hosting, like with other games such as WC3 and such. At least chat rooms...

As for Visualizer, he's not very popular in DJO right now. He isn't a very loved character after the BFII Week of War charade back there. I laughed so hard at how badly managed it was, and the fact I managed to muster enough magics to get those three matches in.

Thank you for your reply, Master GDC IronLight. I find your posts very enlightening, as always. =)

I have confirmation that the RGF Visualizer is the one you're talking about. He has history with RAGE and ER.

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