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Chapter 7

The Dark surrounds me like a living shell...

I returned from my trance in the cockpit of my X-wing but kept my eyes shut.

And I revel in its presence...

The beeping of the realspace return system sounded in the cockpit. The lever pulled itself of its own accord and the small craft reverted to realspace in the Coruscant System. Without moving, I directed the ship towards the bright ball of life that was the capitol world of the Galactic Alliance.

"unidentified fighter, this is coruscant control. Please state your business." The bored voice of the traffic controller droned through the cockpit.

"Just here for a visit control."

"please proceed to landing platform one-one-nine-zero-alpha."

An alpha landing zone? I thought. Those are reserved for smugglers and other lowlifes on the wrong side of the law.

I dropped the fighter into the atmosphere, heading towards the landing platform on my sensor screen and landed smoothly. Popping the hatch, I leaped out of the cockpit, expecting resistance and was not disappointed. However, what I did not expect was too see recently elected Chief of State Natasi Daala waiting for me.

"Welcome back, Jedi." she said with a slight gleam in her eyes.

I bowed, slipping into my former role as a servant of the force for just long enough to create an illusion to my true self. I righted myself, looking back into her face, and caught the every end of her grin as it slipped from her face. She likes being in a position of power. I guess I'll just have to prove too her that she's not in control here.

"Thank you for welcoming me back personally Admiral Daala. Your appearance here is quite remarkable for a Chief of State whose main priority should be sitting behind a desk attempting to restore the balance this galaxy needs."

She cringed at the insult, but managed to hold her tongue. Only barely.

"You are correct, I must return to my duties. These men have been assigned to your personal guard for the remainder of your trip here."

"They will not be necessary." I implied with just a hint of force.

"That may be true, but they are not for your safety, but for the safety of the peoples of the Galactic Alliance. I fear what harm a Jedi might cause in such turbulent times."

My anger, held under control for the beginning of our conversation suddenly burst forth.

"I am no Jedi."

My two armed guards were tossed into the air and disappeared off the sides of the platform. Daala, suddenly unprotected, pulled a small holdout blaster and fired a bolt at my chest. Instead of easily blocking the futile attack with my lightsaber, I allowed the shot to connect, burning a hole through my robe directly above my heart. The bolts energy dissipated over my skin as I looked down into the smoking hole. I looked back up and into Daala's eyes. I smell your fear, Daala. I grinned maniacally as I lifted her bodily into the sky. I gripped her throat tightly, just tightly enough that she could manage a few words.

"If you kill me, all will be thrown back into chaos."

I chuckled.

"Admiral Daala, do you really believe you are that important?"

I reached into the brain and forced her mind to fire an impulse that knocked her unconscious. I allowed her to fall to the floor, and was satisfied by the crunch of a broken wrist, and possibly a few ribs.

A lesson learned, Admiral Daala. Next time, do not cross me.

I strode away back towards the small shuttle that had brought the trio to my platform. Hopping into the drivers seat, I started up the engine and sped away into the Coruscant skyline. I swerved through traffic, heading for the old GAG headquarters. I parked my landspeeder in the bay, jumped out and was immediately confronted by a guard.

I reached into his mind and forced him to forget I existed and to go grab something to eat. He immediately turned around and walked out of the hangar. I proceeded through the door and walked down the halls, unimpeded by anyone. I waved my hand and the door in front of my unlocked and I entered the GAG guard barracks. I quickly stole a uniform and slipped it on, pulling myself into the tight-fitting uniform with incredible dexterity.

The door opened and a young woman walked in.

"What the --"

I reached out with the Force and grabbed her by the neck just as she reached for the security alarm. Her body crumpled, fingers sliding along the button and finally hitting the floor with a dull thud. I stepped over the corpse and walked brusquely down the hall towards my destination.

A short turbolift ride to the top floor and I was standing outside the door to Jacen Solo's office. The door slid open and I stepped inside, entering the massive space with a keen eye. The massive window opened a view to the vista of buildings with their tops sticking out of clouds, small speeders looking like bees weaving in and out from around the towers. The dark wooden desk sitting in the middle of the office reminded me of the wood from one of the planets in the Hapes Cluster, though I did not know its name. Because Jacen had died only a short time ago, his possessions had yet to be removed, and such, were still cluttering the office. Official documents were spread out all over the desk in an endless maze of fiberplast sheets. I'm not here to investigate his work with the GAG. I reminded myself. I used the Force to shove all of the sheets off the desk and onto the floor.

I spread myself out within the Force, searching every nook and cranny, feeling for the presence of the dark side that might reveal the location of his last treasure. There was nothing here. I will not give up. I walked around to the other side of the desk and slid my hand around on the bottom side. I pulled my hand off and felt a slight tingle in the Force, barely perceptible, like a scream being heard from far away. I used the force to pull the small section of wood away from the desk to reveal a hidden compartment. Inside, there was a sheet of fiberplast with a short handwritten note on it.

If you have found this then I am one with the Force,
Whether you are Jedi or Sith, I wish to pass on my
knowledge to the next generation of Force-Users.

My holocron, the holocron of Darth Caedus,
is hidden away in the Palace of my wife,
Queen Mother Tenel Ka of the Hapes Consortium

If you found this, Uncle Luke, know that even in my darkest moment,
I never abandoned my family, there was always the faintest glimmer,
that last bit of love for them that I could not sever.

I love you, Uncle Luke.

This is it. I found it, the holocron of Darth Caedus, his secrets would soon be mine, and then I would find those miserable excuses for Sith that hid on the barren planet and make them pay for the death of my lover. It was fitting that, in death, her brother, the man who had almost ripped apart the entire galaxy, was helping to bring down his twin's killers.

I stared out at the endless skyline, thinking on my life. This was my chosen path, and there is no turning back.

Chapter 12 of Renewal released!

Chapter 2 of Heir to the Force released!

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