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Joe the Plumber still circles the drain

Aren't his 15 minutes up yet?

Christianity Today interview with JtP.

Very enlightening read ().

Best part:
Do you see any Christians becoming stronger voices in politics?

When politicians start talking about being a Christian, I just worry, because a lot of them don't really follow through. I like to see real action in that area. I heard some stories about George Bush, and how he wrote an original letter to each and every soldier that died. And his prayer life was listed to be pretty intense. That kind of thing, it's awesome. I would love it to be true. I would love to hear our leaders actually check with God before he does stuff.
Apparently Mr. The Plumber forgot that god told Dubya to invade Iraq. Not sure where god is with those reinforcements, but it's also interesting that god allowed Obama to win the election too. Food for thought.
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