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Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Transition yes, how long is the question... I would prefer fast instead of slow.

Not many people will be put out of work either, as new fuel stations simply replace the old ones, and repair shops need only some minor adjustments. Transporting hydrogen is already possible. I see far less involved here than say the change over from horse and buggy to automobiles, far less people to lose jobs, etc. But that likely is just me.
Least you're honest about it.

TBH, I cannot really say...I imagine, though, you're probably right in a few respects.

I'm not at the levels to know if that has happened... but I would be completely naieve to believe things haven't happened.
I'm not either. However, I have worked for people who have told me to destroy a competitor's stuff. There's good reason I do not work for them anymore. No, not in cars, though, just saying, alluding to the nature of sabotage.

The fuel cell is not combustion. A fuel cell converts the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water and in doing so it produces electricity, said electricity runs the electric motor and thusly moves the vehicle. Basically it is an electric car for all intents and purposes powered by a fuel cell instead of a battery.
That's what I thought. That's what it seemed you were implying too, just wanted to be sure.

Uhh, well, if there is data to suggest that it would perform vastly superior to batteries and capacitors combined with "sophisticated" circuitry (that's circuitry engineered with as little of loss as possible like in some flash cameras, econo gadgets, etc.)...I'd be happy to take a look at it.

Considering that most electrical/electronic products nowadays have obsolescence built might be nice at least if they kept a higher efficiency.

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