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First let me apologize for the late response.

@Tiefblau & Chris

GOD !!!!!

Thank you so much the help & the data that my 1st download wasn't the right one & by clicking the new link
I'd get the right data and also, once I have the data, how to run it !!!

I was just so so afraid that it "wouldn't work", y'know ?
It works like a charm and the detail ....
I'd absolutely swear I was playing a hidden level made by LucasArts & Raven.
The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning ....
I especially like the falling snow & how each snowflake is individually rendered so as you pass them
or turn around they change orientation accordingly, not as if it's an overlay of some sort.

All I can do now is quickly download the other Jedi OutCast user created mods & just enjoy the truly masterful efforts behind them.

This forum does have a great fellowship & a commitment to quality.
And it makes perfect sense since Jedi OutCast is really one of the top 5 games ever made
so it follow that it's adherents would reflect those ascended heights.

Thank you for your telling me of your experience.
I've now heard from enogh different people that there's no way around playing without the CD.
But after seeing these mods it is a sacrafice I am absolutely more than willing to make ....

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