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Watching: Eureka Seven, Bleach
Reading: Vampire Hunter D 1&2

...if this counts: Playing MegaMan Zero...when I have time

EDIT: OH yeah... Fred' play off of Fender...I should know, as I have seen that brand...From that one show with the psycho chick with pink hair and guitar--and that boy with the forehead think going on...or am I tihnking of another anime?

I actually have a Fender Squire Precision Bass. Good times, back in the day. Wasn't cut out for the music biz tho. Play'd Black Sabbath and M4n50n riffs. Some Slipknot.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

"I cant see S***! --YOU GO TO HELL!" --Tourettes guy

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