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Exclamation Jen'Jidai (RP-PvP-PVE) - The Force shall free me.

The Most Dangerous of all are the Jedi that fall!
Fear not the rising of truth and knowledge.
~There will be no dawn for the Jedi.~

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Jen' Jidai
was formed in January of 2009 by two of the founding members of Legend-Gaming; *Xenith and Zurual Drahl.*.
Having joined Legend-Gaming in May of 2009, officially, Jen'Jidai hopes to bring back the spirit of the great gaming community by following in the footsteps of the original masterpiece of Hand of Set established by Legend-Gaming in 2006. A string of very bad games has left the community upset with the MMO circuit. But the community, as always, has performed flawlessly by establishing the #1 Pre-game guild in Age of Conan. Hand of Set also went on to become a juggernaut on the server Cimmeria, where it still exists today in extremely potent form. It also established the #1 guild on it's server in Warhammer (Legend), though Warhammer was short lived due to the sad nature of the game.

is a Sith focused RP-PvP guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
The guild is based on the premise of a cult of sith following the path of enlightenment. They are seeking a perfect destiny, one which they believe can only be achieved by knowing both sides of the force and destroying all those who seek to limit such knowledge. This cult believes it is doing the work of good. It believes those who seek to limit knowledge (The Jedi) are the true tyrants of the galaxy and the true evil.

It is believed that SW:Tor will offer a variety of optional game play elements;

*PvP, PvE, Roleplaying, space flight, Space battles, and possibly raids*
Jen'Jidai plans to embrace all of these elements. For in our lore, we seek to achieve a perfect destiny. In game, we seek the same ideal. We wish to conquer all the content in a manner befitting the play styles of *All*our members, rather they be casual, hardcore, or Role-Play focused.

Jen'Jidai is a US based guild.
Our official time zone is Eastern Standard Time. We do, however, accept Europeans if they are able to play on US servers.

You, as the human player sitting at your computer reading this, must realize and accept that this guild is dark, evil,
and embraces concepts within the game that are abominable in the real world.
These include slavery, murder, bigotry, and basic abhorrent behavior to be expected from zealots.

To apply to Jen'Jidai is to understand and accept this.

"Be warned. This will be a PVP guild full of evil players. Betray us at your own peril."
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