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Well, you can add some stuff to your cart, enter the zip code of where you're shipping it to, proceed to checkout, enter both the billing and the shipping address (billing=CA; shipping=NV) and see if you get charged any tax.

And I'm asking around about your question about having RAM in all six slots slowing down the computer. Core i7 and X58's pretty new, so I don't know as much about it as I do about the previous generation, but in my experience with older machines filling up your board doesn't make any difference at stock speeds. It will effect an overclock, however, because 4 sticks require more power from the memory controller, so in order to maintain stability you have to bump the northbridge and RAM voltage with 4 sticks.

I can't think that it's much different with 6 sticks, except that Core i7 has a built-in memory controller (like AMD CPUs have had since the Athlon64). My guess is that with 6 sticks either people are encountering instability or Vista64's SuperFetch feature is going crazy trying to fill up all of that available RAM. Either one would slow the computer down.

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